There are many different styles and materials of countertops out there. We are very proud of the ones we offer. Don't get overwhelmed, we can help you narrow down the choices. Please talk to us about your concerns, taste, style, & budget and we will find the right one for you.


    Installation is just as important as the quality of the materials and the process of fabrication and that is something Sandenwood has been doing for a very long time and takes very seriously. We have seen many countertops by others that have been installed with bad or open seams, not scribed properly to the wall, simply don't fit, or not even close to level.  



Solid Surface:


    One of the all around best solutions for a countertop. There are no visible seams and the option of integrating the backsplash and sink into a single piece of material makes an easy-to-clean and a long lasting product.


    There are many brands of materials you can choose from, all will look similar but each one provides just a little different property or option available.

Some of the brands we carry are Meganite, Swanstone, Formica Solid Surface, and Vendura.


    Edge designs can vary too. round over, bevel, bull nose, feature strips and other variations are all common depending on your taste and style.









   Bevel Edge - We still produce our beveled edge in our shop by hand with joints that appear seamless and will not pull apart. Combine this with a bevel edge backsplash and you will have a great countertop to last a long time.






   "Postformed" or Rounded Edge - A more classic look with an easy to clean back splash and no joints front to back.



   Self or Square edge - Sometimes simpler is better.